Shion: Home Automation for the Mac.

Audacious Software is a Chicago technology company specializing in the development of ubiquitous software technologies. Our work is motivated by two basic goals:

  1. Increase users’ access to information and opportunities for action within whatever settings they may be situated.
  2. Expose & highlight those actions and information using optimal user interfaces crafted for a given situation.

For a more detailed description of our perspective, please review our company philosophy.

To build situated and ubiquitous technologies, we find it necessary to employ a variety of hardware and software platforms. We regularly use the following technologies for both client work and internal projects:

It is not possible to consistently achieve our two fundamental objectives by constraining our work to a limited number of technology platforms. Consequently, we are constantly evaluating emerging and existing technologies to determine how each can help us better accomplish our core objectives. This flexibility enables us to scale our output from something as basic as smart widgets running on digital picture frames to large scale applications hosted across geographically isolated systems.

If our approach to technology and software development sounds like a fit for your needs, please let us know.